Custom Cookie Cutters

Can't find the exact cookie cutter that you're looking for? Let us make it for you! We can create a cookie cutter shaped like anything that you can imagine, and the prices start as low as just $20 for just a single cookie cutter. We offer bulk discounts on big orders, making our custom cookie cutters perfect for wedding favors, baby and bridal shower favors, corporate giveaways and much more!

The cost of your custom cookie cutter depend on 4 factors:  

1)  Quantity - higher quantity typically lowers cost
2)  Complication - the less complicated a design is, typically the lower the cost will be.
3)  Size - smaller cookie cutters cost less than large cookie cutters
4)  Material - we manufacturer cookie cutters in plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.   We do not make custom cookie cutters in tin plated steel because it is prone to rusting and corroding over time.

What we need from you to give you a definite price quote:

1)  Your design
2)  How many cookie cutters you'd like
3)  If you have a preference in material. 
4)  How big you want the cookie cutters (dimensions)

Below are our prices for simple to moderately difficult designs.  Difficult and exceptionally difficult designs may cost more.

Looking for something unique and simple?  We sell these stock custom cookie cutters below.