Grim Reaper Cookie Cutter

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Grim Reaper Cookie Cutter


Imagine how sad it is to be the Grim Reaper. Everyone is afraid you. You never get invited to anything besides funerals. You have no one but your scythe to keep you company, and you only get to wear one outfit every day. He may be scary, but really, Mr. Reaper is only doing his job. You definitely don't want to invite the Grim Reaper over to hang out, but maybe you could at least show him you think he's an okay guy by buying this Grim Reaper Cookie Cutter. It's made of tin-plated steel and is about 4.25" tall, 3.5" wide. Easy to clean, the cutter just requires hand-washing and towel-drying after use. Even if your cookies don't get good old Grimmy to crack a smile, everyone else will definitely grin when they eat them. Order one today!

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