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When The Joker shows up aiming to steal your cookies, there's only one hero to call! Slice up a batch of treats with the Batman Cookie Cutter in the shape of the bat signal, and the Cape Crusader may just be on his way! We have three sizes of Batman Cookie Cutters to suit your crime-fighting needs: the standard 4-inch size for Two Face, the small 2-inch size for Poison Ivy’s dainty appetite and the 6-inch size that would make even Bane’s tummy full. All of Gotham City's heroes and villains will want a Batman cookie made from one of these stainless steel cookie cutters. Just watch out for the Penguin, he sometimes leaves a lot of crumbs. Get one, two or all three Batman cookie cutters now!

NOTE: You NEED black food coloring to make Batman cookies.

We also carry oval cookie cutters that are great for combining with the Batman cookie cutter as a decorative insert.

2 Inch Batman - goes well with 2.5 Inch Oval

3 Inch Batman - goes well with 3.5 inch Oval

4 Inch Batman - goes well with 5 Inch Oval

6 Inch Batman - goes well with 6.25 Inch Oval


We also have a rare plastic batman cookie cutter set.

Yes, we also ship internationally including Canada, UK, Australia, and all other countries.

Add black food coloring to your order below for just $2.99 extra.

We also carry other superhero cookie cutters.  Buy the set of 3 and save $2