Varsity Letter W Cookie Cutter

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Whoa! Wow! Wahoo! Those are just some of the responses that the team members will be shouting when they see the goodies that you've baked them with the Varsity Letter W Cookie Cutter!  This cookie cutter comes in 3 different sizes, and is simple to clean. Just wash by hand and then towel dry. Buy one now!

2 inch - 2" tall x 3" wide (made of grey/silver plastic)

3 inch - 3" tall x a little over 4.5" wide (made of grey/silver plastic)

4.25 inch - 4.25" tall x 6.5" wide (made of aluminum)

*as a side note, these cookie cutters are "awkwardly wide in size".  Please keep that in mind.  The 4.25 inch cookie cutters are nearly 7 inches wide.

If you are interested in purchasing the whole alphabet, you can buy it here

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