Stamp Compared to Cookie Cutter

We often receive requests from potential customers asking for us to make a "cookie cutter" out of an image like this one below.

The problem with a design like this is that it doesn't have an outline.  A cookie cutter is an outline (like the shield), and words are typically an imprint known as a stamp.  The "shield" part of the design is an actual outline and we can easily make a cookie cutter with that outline, but customers often want the "whole thing".  To clarify more about what we are referring to, please see the image below.  On the left, you see an outline, in the center, you see a stamp, and on the right you see a cookie cutter with a stamp on on the inside.

In order to make the original design as a "cookie cutter", you need an outline around the entire design which would be the cutting part of the cookie cutter.  Any of these 3 options below (and many more) would work, but just remember, in order to make a "cookie cutter" with a design in it, you need to have an exterior outline.  If you have any questions, please contact us for more info.