Alaskan Cookie Cutter Set

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Alaskan Cookie Cutter Set


Did you know October 18th is Alaska Day? Well, now you do! And you'll never miss celebrating the state's day again! You can even use the Alaskan Cookie Cutter Set to make some treats as a tribute to the state nicknamed The Last Frontier. In the set, you'll get six tin-plated steel cookies cutters, including the 4-inch tall, 3.25-inch Alaskan Map, the 2-1/4-inch tall, 3-1/2-inch wide grizzly bear, the 3-1/2-inch tall, 2-inch wide pine tree, the 3-inch tall, 4-1/2-inch moose head, the 3-1/4-inch tall, 3-inch wide house and the 2-1/2-inch tall, 4-1/2-inch wide salmon. Get ready for some northern exposure! Order this cookie cutter set now!

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