Chevron Cookie Cutter

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Want to make some cookies that look like the Chevron logo? Of course you do! The Chevron Cookie Cutter is ready to get the job done.

We don't have just one aluminum cookie cutter for you to order; we have five sizes from which you can choose. Each one has 11 bends in it, but the distance between the bends can vary. You can look at the picture to see what we mean! The sizes are: 4-1/2 inches in length with 1/2-inch bends, 6-3/4 inches in length with 3/4-inch bends, 9 inches in length with 1-inch bends, 11-1/4 inches in length with 1-1/4-inch bends, 13-1/2 inches in length with 1-1/2-inch bends. Care instructions: hand wash, towel dry! Buy one now!

Yes, we also ship internationally including Canada, UK, Australia, and all other countries.

 * to see how to use this cookie cutter, please visit Sweet Sugarbelle's blog here

*this cookie cutter can be made in different sizes.  Please contact us if you'd like a different size (length or height).