Comb Cookie Cutter

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Comb Cookie Cutter


This is one fun, unique cookie cutter, and that's the tooth! You could comb through the Internet results to try and find a better cookie cutter, but why waste your time? You've already found the very best Comb Cookie Cutter right here! Crafted from durable tin-plated steel, it measures 4 inches in height and 1-1/2 inches in width. Easy cleaning eliminates stresses. Wash the cookie cutter by hand and towel it dry, just like you would your tresses! Get one today!

Yes, we also ship internationally including Canada, UK, Australia, and all other countries.

*this is a reversible cookie cutter which means you can make it face the opposite direction.  If you'd like this cookie cutter in a larger size, please contact us.  There is an additional $5 fee on larger sizes.