Darth Vader Cookie Cutter

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"Luke, I am your father. Well, not really. I'm made of delicious cookie dough and meant to look like your father."

Give your favorite Star Wars fan a treat made just for them! The Darth Vader Cookie Cutter is 3 inches tall and made out of black plastic, just like your Darth Vader action figures! The cookie cutter has, though a handle to make it easy to use with just one hand, which is important in case you have to conduct a light sabre duel with the other while you bake. After cutting the dough, give Vader a bath in warm water, wash him by hand and towel him dry. Use the force! Order one today!

*for some tips on using stamp style cookie cutters, please visit this page

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*Picture shows two different angles of the same cookie cutter.  This product is just one Star Wars cookie cutter.