Fred ABC Cookie Cutter Set

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Fred ABC Cookie Cutter Set


Make some Christmas cookies with a humorous touch by bringing home the Fred ABC Cookie Cutter Set. When you put these cookie cutters on the plate, it will look as if they've already been chewed (ABC)! The set include three slightly imperfect gingerbread men: one cutter with a dismembered leg, one with a missing arm and one that's sadly been decapitated. These cutters measure 3.75" tall with exception of the one without his head whose body stands just over 2.25" tall.  They all measure about 2.5" wide. A little bit morbid, a lot of fun, this cookie cutter set is sure to make treats that will have everyone laughing. Care instructions: wash by hand, towel dry. All three cutters are made of tin-plated steel. Buy this set now!

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