Mason Jar Cookie Cutter

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You have cookie baking skills that everyone would love to bottle or jar! Show off your talents by baking some unique cookies with this Mason Jar Cookie Cutter. This cookie cutter comes in 5 different sizes, is made of aluminum, and is easy to clean. Just wash it by hand and towel it dry after use. Order one now and check out our Mini Mason Jar Cookie Cutter, too!

1.75 inch = 1.75" tall X a little under 1" wide

3 inch = 3" tall x a little over 1.5" wide

4 inch = 4" tall x 2" wide

5 inch = 5" tall x 2.75" wide

6 inch = 6" tall x a little over 3" wide

We also carry a mini mason jar cookie cutter.  Click here to to see it.

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