Mini Autumn Leaf Cookie Cutter Set

Cheap Cookie Cutters

(Really Small) - Autumn Leaf Cookie Cutter Set


Mini Autumn Leaf Cookie Cutter Set by Cheap Cookie Cutters.   This set includes 6 cookie cutters made of poly resin coated tin-plated steel.  All cookie cutters in the set are 3/4 inch deep (from counter to where your hand presses the cookie cutter.  Cleaning instructions: hand wash, towel dry.  

Acorn - 1.75" tall, just over 1" wide

Apple - 1.75" tall, 1.25" wide

Ivy Leaf - 1.75" tall, 1.75" wide

Maple Leaf - 1.5" tall, 1.5" wide

Oak Leaf - 1.75" tall, 1.25" wide

Pumpkin - 1.25" tall, 1.5" wide


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