Mini Superhero Cookie Cutter Set

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(Really Small) - Superhero Cookie Cutter Set


Want to save the day with some treats? The Mini Superhero Cookie Cutter Set is here to come to your rescue! This set includes three cutters that can help you create the emblems of your favorite superheroes! There's a 2-inch Batman symbol, a 1-1/2-inch Superman symbol and a 1-1/2-inch Spiderman symbol included. The cutters are all made from stainless steel and require hand-washing and towel-drying. Get this super set now!

We also carry oval cookie cutters (sold separately) that are great for combining with the Batman cookie cutter as a decorative insert.

Mini Batman - goes well with 2.5 Inch Oval.

Yes, we also ship internationally including Canada, UK, Australia, and all other countries.

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