About Us

Sweet Selection. Sweeter Service
Here at Cheap Cookie Cutters we believe cookies are much more than just tasty pastries (although we certainly adore the fact that they are that as well!). We see cookies as being an important part of many amazing memories for kids and adults alike!
A school bus cookie for the start of the new school year.
A ballerina cookie on the day of the big recital.
A zombie cookie for Halloween or a Santa Claus cookie for Christmas.
Hey, even a mustache cookie, just for a smile.
When my husband Chris and I started the business we had all of those potential memories in mind (as well as many from our own lives) and wanted to create something that offered both a sweet selection and even sweeter service, because we believe nothing should get in the way of making a memory, especially a sweet cookie memory...YUM!
We have over 3500 different cookie cutters making us THE WORLD'S LARGEST cookie cutter company online.  We pride ourselves on having the largest selection, shipping quickly, and always giving the best customer service.
We see Cheap Cookie Cutters as a partnership between you and us! We provide the best quality cookie cutters at a affordable price (because the more cookies the better, right?) and you make, decorate and show-off (we are constantly amazed by the talented cookie creations you share on our Facebook page) memory making cookies!
A few things that set us apart from other companies are:
1) Largest Selection - over 3500 designs
2) Exact inventory on our website - if the site shows a product in stock, it's in stock
3) Fast shipping - orders typically ship within 2 business days.
4) New designs - we add close to 500 new designs each year, many of them being exclusive to our company.
5) Our community - socialize and share ideas with us and other customers on our Facebook page which is the LARGEST cookie cutter FB group.
6)  Low cost shipping - our shipping starts at $2.99 which makes it affordable for people just looking for one or two designs.
We feel positive that cookies make the world a better, happier, sweeter place and we want to help you make that a reality. Please check out our FAQ for some commonly asked questions and always feel free to email us at info@onlineproductpurchases.com if you have questions not covered there.
We look forward to seeing what cookie memories you create with our cookie cutters! Happy Baking!
~Karrie Lynn Mueller