National Static Electricity Day

Want to hear something shocking? Next Wednesday, January 9th is National Static Electricity Day!

To kids, the hair-raising effects of static electricity are downright cool, so the unofficial national holiday is the perfect time to get children interested in science! To prepare for National Static Electricity Day, here's a quick lesson on how static electricity forms:

Atoms are usually balanced with an equal number of positive protons and negative electrons. Sometimes, the balance becomes disturbed. A good example is when you're walking across the carpeting in socks. This causes your body to build up extra electrons, which then will jump to the next neutral thing that you touch like a doorknob or your best friend. When that jump occurs, you'll feel that little shock that lets you know you've generated some static electricity!

Now, that you know all about how static electricity works, you're all set to spread the word on National Static Electricity Day, and what better visual aid could there be for your science lesson than treats made with the Atom Cookie Cutter, a favorite from our science cookie cutters collection?

The tin-plated Atom Cookie Cutter is 4-1/2 inches tall and incredibly easy to use to make cool science cookies. Just prepare your favorite dough, slice with the Atom Cookie Cutter and bake. When your cookies are cool, you can finish them with two-color icing as shown in the photo or with one icing color in a contrasting shade to that of your treats.

The end result will be electrifying-ly delicious cookies that you can use to illustrate how static electricity works on National Static Electricity Day or any other day!

There's still time to order your Atom Cookie Cutter and receive it before January 9th for your delicious science lesson at home or in the classroom. For more information, visit