Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set

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6 Piece Cookie Cutter Set


Make your little dino hunter some paleolithic presents with the Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set. Kids who love dinosaurs will be wild about the cookies made with this 6-piece set. In the kit, you'll get a 2.5 inch tall, 5 inch wide Tricerotops, a 5.75 inch tall, 2.5 inch wide T-Rex, a 3 inch tall, 6 inch wide Apatosaurus, 2.5 inch tall, 6 inch wide Stegosaurus, 3.75 inch tall, 6 inch wide Velociraptor and a 3 inch tall, 6 inch wide Pterodactyl. To clean your tin-plated steel dinos, wash them by hand and towel them dry. Buy the set today!

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