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Introducing the Cheap Cookie Cutters Cookie Cutter of the Month Club!!!!

Do you love cookie cutters?   Do you love our company Cheap Cookie Cutters?  We now offer exclusive memberships to our cookie cutter of the month club.  You can also buy a membership for someone else (makes a great gift), just enter the recipients address as the shipping address.

How it works - Each month, we will mail a new cookie cutter on the 1st of the month.  If you join as a member on the 10th, your first cookie cutter will be mailed 3 weeks later (on the 1st of the next month).  Memberships last for one year from the time of purchase so if you join, for example,  in mid February, your membership will end the following February.  You will receive 12 packages during your 1 year membership.  Memberships cost $100 which includes shipping for one year. Discounts / coupon codes cannot be applied toward the cookie cutter of the month club.  

The cookie cutters that are part of the cookie cutter of the month club are RARE and often exclusive cookie cutters.  They will be cookie cutters that we sell on our site for at least $4.99  For example, during Halloween (October), we might send you a zombie cookie cutter (which no one else carries).  We would not send something common (like a witch hat).  

Yes, our international customers can join, but memberships are $150 due to increased cost in shipping.

Below are some current ideas for each month we have considered.  If you are a member, you are more than welcome to submit recommendations to us.  Please keep in mind that we are not going to publish WHICH cookie cutter it will be.  Half the fun is the surprise!

January - NEW Peace Sign (with cutouts),
February - I♥U (connected), Bodice, Broken Heart
March - Beer Mug, Pipe, Red Cross
April - Marshmellow Chick, Honey Pot, Cloud
May - Triathlon Set, Blue Bird
June - Topsy Turvy Cake, Ball & Chain, Man Kissing Woman
July  - White House, Shark fin, Scuba Set
August - Football Goal Post, Hurricane
Sept - Book, Apple with Worm, Globe 

October   Zombie, Werewolf
November - Drumstick/Turkey Leg, Cooked Turkey, Chef Hat
December - Mistletoe, Leg Lamp, Mean Green Man