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Elvis Cookie Cutter


Whether you want to make some rocking dog biscuits for your Hound Dog or some treats for a Hard-Headed Woman, the Elvis Presley Cookie Cutter is the King of cookie cutters! It's made of strong stainless steel so it won't break and leave you in Heartbreak Hotel. The cookie cutter is 6 inches tall by 3 inches wide and will get you All Shook Up with its shape. Don't Be Cruel when you've finished using it; love it tender by washing it by hand and then toweling it dry. It's time for A Little Less Conversation and a little more ordering! Buy one now and get one of our electrical guitar cookie cutters to really rock the jailhouse or your kitchen!

 We also have an electric guitar cookie cutter that complements this Elvis cookie cutter very well.

If you are looking for Elvis Presley merchandise like an Elvis beach towel, visit our friends at JBT.

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