Paw Patrol 5 Piece Cookie Cutter Set

Cheap Cookie Cutters

(5 Piece Set)


Paw Patrol is on a roll! Delight the whole pack at your party with cookies using our  Paw Patrol 5 Piece Cookie Cutter Sets which include colorful themed designs, each made out of sturdy plastic.  Our Paw Patrol cookie cutters feature top dogs Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble and Skye. Cleaning instructions: hand wash, towel dry.  Buy your set today! 

Yes, we also ship internationally including Canada, UK, Australia, and all other countries.

 *Hand wash only, cookie cutter cannot go in dishwasher. 


Ryder - (Brown) 3-1/2" tall, 2-1/4" wide

Skye - (Pink) just under 3" tall, 4" wide

Marshall - (Red) 3-1/4" tall, just under 3-1/2" wide

Rubble (Yellow) 3-1/4" tall, 3-1/4" wide

Chase (Blue) 3-1/4" tall, 3" wide